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June 2002


Kenworth’s new hood for its on-highway W900L reduces weight and enhances performance at no additional cost, while maintaining the traditional long-hood design. The new hood has a curved windshield and uses a tough, durable liquid molding resin. Kenworth is making the new hood available as a retrofit item for customers currently operating W900Ls with a curved windshield. Other Kenworth announcements:

  • The AG380 lightweight air suspension weighs 650 pounds fully installed, 200 to 400 pounds less than the trailing arm suspensions typically used on other Class 8 trucks.
  • An extended daycab for the T600, T800 and W900 models adds 6 inches to the current cab length and offers a seat recline up to 21 degrees. The extended daycab has an additional 21/2 cubic feet of storage on the rear wall and an additional 3 inches of headroom.
  • A night vision system costing less than $4,000 is available on all Class 8 trucks. In partnership with Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Kenworth is the first Class 8 manufacturer to offer as an option a factory-installed, infrared thermal imaging system.
  • A new dinette and sofa bed package is available as an option on the T2000 75-inch Aerodyne. The fold-down dinette table is 26 inches by 34 inches and comfortably seats four people. The sofa bed is made of two opposing couches that quickly convert into a 42-inch-wide-by-80-inch-long bed.
  • A redesigned optional roof fairing for the T2000 improves fuel economy by as much as 1.5 percent.
  • Kenworth
    (425) 828-5000


    Michelin is enhancing its wide single tire line by adding the X-One XDA-HT and the X-One XTE. The original X-One, originally introduced in a 445/50R22.5, is also available now in a new dimension, 455/55R22.5.

    The X-One XDA-HT, designed for over-the-road use on tandem axle trailers, delivers weight and fuel savings compared to traditional duals. With a 26/32-inch tread depth, it furnishes longer removal mileage, excellent traction in all weather conditions, increased resistance to scrubbing, improved ride comfort and increased fuel economy, the company says.

    The X-One XTE, an ultra-low-aspect single trailer tire that replaces a 22.5 dual, provides weight savings and improved fuel economy compared to duals. The company says it has excellent resistance to scrubbing, 16/32-inch tread depth for long removal mileage and 12 percent less vibration than duals.



    This self-contained, gasoline-powered pressure washer from Water Cannon is fully portable. The water can be heated with diesel fuel or fuel oil, and the unit is rated for continuous duty. It has a 1/2-inch, cold-rolled heating coil for years of trouble-free operation. The adjustable thermostat produces pressurized water up to 210 degrees, and the hour meter helps in maintenance scheduling.

    Water Cannon
    (800) 333-9274


    The compact PuraGuard DL from Bendix is an air filter for the brake system that captures up to 70 percent of oil and carbon. Mounted between compressor and air dryer, it traps carbon, oil and aerosols with a microglass fiber filter. Keeping these contaminants out of the air dryer’s desiccant cartridge allows it to continue removing moisture for up to three times its normal life. The PuraGuard DL has a spin-on filter cartridge for easy maintenance and a safety valve that sounds a warning when clogged.

    (800) 247-2725


    The Grote Industries LED License Lamp for trailers is designed so that water passes behind and over the fixture without collecting. This design contrasts with standard lamps, which typically allow water, salt and road debris to pool in the lens and corrode the connection terminals. The lamp features potting that protects against dirt and moisture and is compatible with most mounting configurations, making retrofit easy.

    (800) 628-0809


    The Razor eliminates manual winding of trailer landing legs. It fits all systems, has its own onboard power source as an option and is activated by button or remote.

    (613) 9596 9011


    Alcoa’s new Dura-Bright wheel surface treatment keeps wheels shiny through simple, everyday washing, the company says. Because the treatment is an integral part of the wheel itself, wheels need no special polish, paint or chemicals. Wheels can be treated on both sides or one side. Unlike conventional surface coatings, the Dura-Bright treatment protects against dulling oxidation and corrosion while still being easy to clean.

    (800) 242-9898


    The EZ Grip Mud Flap Hanger for tractors complements the EZ Grip hanger for trailers introduced two years ago. “Where a mud flap may tear off, it will merely snap out of the hanger instead,” the manufacturer says. EZ Grip hangers fit standard mounting holes and hold any standard flap.

    EZ Grip
    (605) 259-3056


    The Dana Spicer vocational steer axle family from Dana Commercial Vehicle Systems is designed for construction, waste and municipal applications. These axles offer improved maneuverability and new front-axle weight ratings thanks to a patented “power rib” wide-beam design. The tires are positioned at a wider track, allowing greater clearance between tires and chassis, while the axles are designed for a maximum 50-degree turn angle. Long-life, large-diameter kingpin joints and long-life tie rod ends with new grease-purge valves improve durability and reduce maintenance.

    (800) 826-4357


    Delphi Automotive Systems introduced its Heavy-Duty Freedom Extra Absorbent Glass Mat Battery. The company says it lasts twice as long as a conventional lead-acid battery. The battery costs about 50 percent more than typical batteries but features a new compressed design that adds life and makes the battery more durable.

    (248) 813 2000


    Allison has extended the drain interval for its transmissions using TranSynd automatic synthetic fluid. The new interval is 150,000 miles for general duty applications and 75,000 for severe duty. The previous intervals were 100,000 and 50,000. The extended intervals require the use of the new Gold series of filters.

    (800) 252-5283


    The Borg Warner Turbo Systems Aftermarket division now offers a replacement turbocharger for Detroit 12.7-liter diesels made in 1998 and later. The 3K Turbolader-Schwitzer K-31 turbocharger features new compressor wheel technology.

    Borg Warner
    (317) 328-3352


    Breezeway truck window screens allow bug-free fresh air to flow through the cab while you rest. They are sold in sets of two.



    TruckGen’s UCT-5.5 ultra-compact generator set produces 5,500 watts and is powered by a Kubota diesel. TruckGen says the generator will produce enough power to keep fuel tanks, oil pans, engine block and drivers warm on cold days, with enough left over to make 110-volt power for in-cab appliances.

    Average fuel consumption is 0.2 gallon per hour. Its integral 12-volt alternator charges the truck batteries. It measures 25 by 24 by 24 inches.

    Truck Gen
    (904) 642-0836

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