Technology Now: Sirius

Do you love your Country? Channels 30 to 37. Want some Rock while you’re rolling? Channels 1 through 9. Are you singin’ the Blues? Channel 90.

Sirius Satellite Radio offers truckers 60 channels of completely commercial-free music as part of its 100 channel lineup. And every one of them lets you listen in digital sound without losing the signal as you travel from one state to another.

Once you turn on your favorite music, it’s yours, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and everywhere in between. The 60 commercial-free music channels include something for just about every taste: Pop, Rock, Country, R&B/Urban, Dance, Jazz, Latin, Classical, you name it. And there isn’t a single commercial to interrupt. It’s just you, the road and the music.

There are also 40 channels of sports, news and entertainment including ESPN, NPR, CNBC, The Speed Channel and The Weather Channel Radio Network. Or listen to specialty channels like Guy Talk and, just for laughs, Sirius Comedy. There’s also an exclusive Trucker Channel that features The Midnight Cowboy and news of special interest.

How do you keep the music going from Nashville to Napa Valley? Three powerful satellites in elliptical orbit and a network of ground-based repeaters all across the country ensure coast-to-coast coverage. And Statistical Multiplexing technology is designed to deliver superior sound resolution that’s so good you’ll think the musicians are riding shotgun.

And getting Sirius is easy. You can adapt your existing radio or get a new Sirius system. Then, subscribe for only $12.95 a month and get coast-to-coast music and entertainment. Contact your local truck dealer, call (888) 539-SIRIUS (7474) or visit online at Subscribe today, and get ready for the ride of your life.