Technology Now: Fan-Tastic Vent

All truckers have the same goals: Reduce engine running time, maximize efficiency and provide safe, on-time delivery. Fan-Tastic Vent Corp. has developed a way for owner-operators to accomplish all three. Endless Breeze, a 12-volt DC fan, keeps truckers cool, comfortable and well-rested. The 1-inch-high, 31/2-inch-deep unit plugs into any 12-volt receptacle and can be used in the cab or sleeper.

Endless Breeze is economical to operate. It delivers nearly 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute, while drawing a maximum of 3 amps of 12-volt power on its highest setting. That means truckers can enjoy a comfortable cab environment with the engine or power plant turned off so there is no draining of costly fuel and batteries.

Fan-Tastic Vent is the industry leader for 12-volt installed air exchange systems. User acceptance indicates it will also be the industry leader for portable 12-volt air flow. Endless Breeze is available at TravelCenters of America and other travel centers.