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In response to an question about dealing with unwanted prostitutes while parked overnight, readers offered these suggestions:

  • At a truck stop, park as close as possible to the main facility.
  • Place a No Lot Lizard sticker on the windshield. (Some readers, though, say this tactic encourages solicitation.)
  • Travel with a yapping dog.
  • Paint a woman’s name on the door.
  • Display an I Love My Wife bumper sticker.
  • Hang a female item such as a bra, purse or pantyhose in the window.
  • Completely cover windows.
  • Display a Not Interested In Lizards sign.
  • Put a Bible or a lighted cross in the window.
  • Leave a wadded, damp paper towel on the steps.

    The letters that gave the suggestions:

    Brutus jumped right up and gave her a big lick
    Buy the biggest pair of panties
    Contact local police
    I started hanging an old bra
    I’m extremely rude to them
    Installed a high tech camera
    It looks like he already had a visitor
    Just shoot them
    My thoughts go out to the wives of drivers
    Never underestimate a lizzie
    Park on the front row
    The quiet stops don’t have lizards
    Wife on board with terminal PMS
    An old bra to hang in the windshield
    Take a wet paper towel
    Am I sleeping that soundly?
    Or is he just plain dumb?
    Take up knitting
    I won’t repeat the language I used
    That girl took off like a bat out of hell