An old bra to hang in the windshield


After reading about a trucker who was tired of lot lizards beating on his truck I thought I would share a solution I suggested to a male driver. Ask the ladies in your family for an old bra. If you happen to have one who is overly endowed (and of some expansive girth) politely ask for an old bra to hang in the windshield when you are parked for a rest.

Now, you may well take some ribbing from other men, but you should get some peaceful sleep. I am a semi-retired trucker and ended up using the same method to get that much-needed sleep. The look on a hooker’s face when a female face appeared in response to knocking on the door was interesting but not enough to make up for lost sleep.

The only other possibility would be what one old-timer did. He wired his truck so that anyone who touched it got a bit of an electrical shock! Not enough to do any real harm but enough that whoever touched it never forgot what that truck looked like and never wanted to touch it again! He had warning signs on it.

Momma Bear

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