My thoughts go out to the wives of drivers


I deal with the lot lizards the easy way. I ignore them. I am a single male and don’t want to contract anything they are carrying. I guess some people can’t understand that old saying “You sleep with whoever she slept with.” With lot lizards, this is a scary thought. If someone knocks on my truck at night, anywhere, unless I see flashing blue or red lights, I don’t answer, unless I am on a customer’s property. Then I can always call the police to have the person removed from the premises.

My thoughts go out to the wives of drivers whose husbands feel the need to cheat on them while out on the road. My advice to the driver: If you can’t go a week without a woman, especially your wife, GET A LOCAL DRIVING JOB and save your life and marriage you are about to ruin”. That is the best advice that should be followed in the trucking industry. Leave the lot lizards to the drivers that have no taste.

Rich Charles