Wife on board with terminal PMS


This is actually from Ron’s wife, and my name is Flo. Once a lot lizard was working a rest area in Pennsylvania in the rain, and as soon as we stopped she came to the door knocking. My husband was polite and told her no thank you. He needs to get some sleep, and I stayed awake. (I didn’t drive then.) Well, after a couple of hours she started to make her rounds again. So I wrote a quick sign and placed it in the window, it read CAUTION, WIFE ON BOARD WITH TERMINAL PMS. Needless to say she gave me and the sign a dirty look and turned around and walked off.

Lot lizards can be especially hard to deal with in the small truck stops that have no security patrols. Keeping a Bible on the dash always worked best for me.

Other drivers have used panties or a bra from the mirror to deter lizards from knocking on the door.

The fact still remains to get rid of the lizards we must get rid of the bad drivers that hire them. That goes where male and female drivers.

From truck stops to travel plazas, lot lizards are out there in full force. And the fact still remains that they have HIV and AIDS, and any driver that does business with one will soon also have it. Doing business with a lot lizard is playing Russian roulette.
Take care Abby and drivers out there. Be safe and God bless.

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