Brutus jumped right up and gave her a big lick


Abby you are just the funniest! I had a funny incident with a lizard. I was on one of those rare trips where the dog was along. Was at an old truck stop in southern Florida during a layover and bored silly. Well, we where all sitting around talking, and the subject got around to pets. A couple of the guys decided they wanted to meet my little Brutus. Well as where walking out to the truck there was this young lady going from truck to truck. Well, she jumps up on the passenger side of my truck, and I assume she said something in the window. Well, ol’ Brutus jumped right up and gave her a big lick on the face. Poor girl couldn’t get off the truck fast enough. In fact, she left one of her high heels stuck in the running board. We did not see her around the rest of the evening. And Brutus, why he’s just a lil’ ol’ 110-pound Shepard Rot mix.


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