Take up knitting


My friend tells me that in the Effingham, Ill., area there is a woman advertising back rubs, but in truth it’s a lot lizard procuring engagements from drivers.

My boyfriend tells me that when he’s OTR, he picks truck stops that don’t have lot lizards around them, but a lot of security. If he does have to go to one, well, pity them, cause he uses his CB and sends them to trucks that have big dogs in them. He really gets a kick out of that, and as long as that’s all the fun he has with them, then I won’t have to get a kick to him.

I once overheard some drivers talking about lot lizards, and even though they tell us wives and girlfriends that they don’t get involved with them, they will take a chance if the urge gets too great. So what does that tell you? Get in the truck or get him out of it. But be with your man as often as you can. Take up knitting or pocket sewing or something but be with him when he needs you most.

See you out there, girls.