That girl took off like a bat out of hell


Being a female driver, I don’t have to deal with that too often. But I did hear a story about a driver who got a lot lizard AND her coworkers to leave him alone. He got the girl up into his truck, got her clothes off, and then asked her if she had AIDS. She said “no,” and he said, “good, I just got rid of mine and I don’t want to catch it again!” I never laughed so hard. That girl took off like a bat out of hell, clothes in hand and never even bothered putting them back on. He was left alone the rest of the night. Just a suggestion for Tina’s man. He might want to try that sometime, or maybe put a warning sticker on his truck that says he has a transmittable illness (though the company or customers may not like it, lol). Good luck to Tina and her man.

TeachersPet (also known as Sweet Thing out on the road)