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Dear readers,

Wow! Thanks so much for all the e-mails about lot lizards. I’ve never had so much mail on one subject before. Most of you had really good tips to keep the working girls away. The leading tip has to do with damp paper towels. Read on!

The rest of you had different opinions about lot lizards and how you feel about what one guy called “the slimiest creatures on earth.” I never heard from any working gals but, sadly, from wives whose lying, scumbag husbands not only cheated, but also brought home a disease or two. Now that’s a sore subject!

Guys, be careful out there. Remember what Abby Jo wants you to know: You sleep with every partner your partner has ever slept with. Think about it.

Yours, truly shocked,
Abby Jo

Here’s the letter that started it all:

My husband tells me that he is bothered all night long by lot lizards knocking at his cab door. Nothing seems to help. He’s put a “No Lizards” sticker on the door and that seems to make it worse. He tries to avoid truck stops that have a bad reputation but sometimes that’s hard to do.

While I really think this drives him nuts, it bothers me every time he leaves. I know he hates it and would never give in to temptation, but I have a hard time not worrying.

What can I do?

Trusting Tina

Tips for keeping the lizards away

  • Brutus jumped right up and gave her a big lick
  • Buy the biggest pair of panties
  • Contact local police
  • I started hanging an old bra
  • I’m extremely rude to them
  • Installed a high tech camera
  • It looks like he already had a visitor
  • Just shoot them
  • My thoughts go out to the wives of drivers
  • Never underestimate a lizzie
  • Park on the front row
  • The quiet stops don’t have lizards
  • Wife on board with terminal PMS
  • An old bra to hang in the windshield
  • Take a wet paper towel
  • Sounding off on lizards

  • Am I sleeping that soundly?
  • Or is he just plain dumb?
  • Take up knitting
  • I won’t repeat the language I used
  • That girl took off like a bat out of hell