Lot Lizards


While prostitution in trucking – and the crime and health risks it fosters – may be an unpleasant topic, it’s also a fact of trucking life. It’s not unique to trucking, but in no other industry does it confront workers so frequently and directly. Hiding the problem will not make it go away…

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When Trouble Knocks
Prostitution on the road poses a health threat to some and a safety threat to all.

Top 10 Lizard Repellents
What can you do to keep those lizards away?

She Looked Clean
Ignorance, myth and carelessness contribute to spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Confronting Temptation
Counselors help truckers struggling with prostitution, pornography and fantasy.

What’s being done to deter prostitution?

To Trust or Not
Truckers’ wives and girlfriends at home also at risk.

Profiles in Desperation
The stories behind the occupation.

Putting the Hammer Down
Equipment Editor Tim Barton’s first-person account of his brushes with lot lizards.


Untold Stories
The effects of lot lizards spread to home and beyond.

Company at any Price
Forking over cash for something as simple as conversation.

Nevada BrothelsExpanded version
Paying extra for safer activity with the ‘owner-operators of the sex industry.’

STD Symptoms
Recognizing the most common – and deadly – sexually transmitted diseases.

Where to go for help.

Readers Write
What others think about lot lizards and the problems they cause.