November 2002

Dynamic Duos
Driving team is more than just hopping in a truck with another person. Like any business or personal relationship, it requires trust, cooperation and compromise. Read about the payoff – and the price you pay – for operating with a partner.

Southwestern Wonder
Takes makes a big impression – good and bad – while Arkansas is still recovering from a bad reputation in this year’s Highway Report Card. See how Overdrive readers voted on worst roads, best truck stops, road rage, enforcement, overnight parking and other categories.

Spec’ing your equipment so that it fits your application will give you more profit and more satisfaction.

How to brace your electrical system for winter
Winter is an equal-opportunity hazard for most truck equipment, but it’s especially hard on electrical systems.

Trucker of the Month
National Carriers team takes the bumps with the smooth.

Don’t let sleeping drunks lie

Write On
Wife’s discover / Stupid law / A vow is a vow

Log Book
CDL rule change / Suffering through shutdown / OEMs offer incentives

Dollars & Sense
A new tax-depreciation option

Channel 19
Flying double-wide / 18 Wheels of Steel / Rude Ranch

Truck seats / Portable XM / Self-defense spray

Fleet Focus
Landstar / ABF / Star

Reader Rigs
Beautiful trucks

Speak Out
on how you got your CB handle