October 2002

All That Glitters
Newcomers and veterans share in awards as Overdrive honors gleaming trucks at Pride & Polish during the 2002 Great American Trucking Show.

Guide to Buying Used Trucks
Learn all you need to know about finding the perfect not-so-new truck – such as evaluating a truck’s worth, shopping at auctions and getting financing.

VN Again
Volvo redesign enhances VN styling and performance.

Proud Parents
Some engine and truck makers use warranties to jump-start sales of emissions-compliant engines.

Crank of Dawn
Make sure you can greet each cold winter’s morn with enough power. A lot depends on your choice of battery and use of appliances.

Trucker of the Month
Kansas owner-operator follows the Golden Rule.

A true gentleman remembered

Write On
Truck-only interstates / CDL restriction / Taxing problem

Log Book
GATS a success / Diesel fumes and cancer / CF bankruptcy

Dollars & Sense
Saving vs. paying down debt

Channel 19
Engine music / The Nasty Nimitz / Truck trading cards

@ Your Computer
What to look for in a laptop

Portable Sirius / Cab shock absorber / High-capacity reefer

Fleet Focus
Truck Driving Grand Champion / Star / CRST

Reader Rigs
Trucks that catch your eye

Speak Out
on what you take with you to remind you of home