September 2002

Lot Lizards
Opening your sleeper to a prostitute invites more dangers than you think. Health and safety problems can follow those late-night solicitations.

Cold Comfort
Is the extra cost of synthetic oils worth the extra starting capacity in frigid temperatures.

From the Ashes
After months of higher costs and slower business due in part to Sept. 11, the trucking industry is starting to look up.

October Alternative
Detroit Diesel offers the MBE4000 as an over-the-road contender – and a way to sidestep low-emissions technology.

Trucker of the Month
Maine blueberry hauler Syl Geiser appreciates life’s simple pleasures.

Image isn’t everything

Write On
A lifetime of trucking / Airline vs. trucking regs / Thanks, Transalive

Log Book
Used truck values / Engine fines / Tougher CDL regs

Dollars & Sense
Group purchasing advantages

Channel 19
Truck stop cookbook / Joyride multimedia

@ Your Computer
Prices fall for game hardware

Drive-wheel fenders / Trailer floor covering / Fuel-saving device

Fleet Focus
Transport-American helps out / Schneider awards

Reader Rigs
Attractive trucks

Speak Out
on how Sept. 11 changed your life