August 2002

Speak for Yourself
Whether it’s voting or sounding off about the problems that plague the industry, it’s important that your voice be heard by the government and the public at large.

Low-profile, super singles are making their way into over-the-road applications.

Calendar Beauties
Working trucks compete for prizes and a spot on the Shell SuperRigs calendar.

Pay Now, Relax Later
Even with a tight income, you can put away a few dollars for retirement. Start early, save regularly and you’ll be surprised at the big rewards.

How to Replace Slack Adjusters
What you should know before you tackle those slack adjusters.

Trucker of the Month
Hazmat hauler respects what’s in his tank.

Have parking space, will travel

Write On
Dethroned “King” / Sad irony / Traditional styling

Log Book
Parking study stirs industry / Safety discussions / Road-check reveals fewer problems

Dollars & Sense
Extended engine warranties

Channel 19
Urine-dispensing politician / Four-wheeler fantasy

@ Your Computer
Theft protection devices

New International tractor / Scrub-resistant tire

Fleet Focus
Landstar / Driving champions

Reader Rigs
Snazzy rigs

Speak Out
on what advice you would give to a new driver