May 2002

Unhappy Trails
When the electronic evidence you create buying fuel or driving through a weigh station conflicts with your log book, you could be in for serious legal problems if authorities find a reason to examine your operation.

Constant Companion
Satellite radio’s coast-to-coast digital broadcasting is now a reality.

Keep Your Cool
Proper maintenance of your cooling system could prevent major engine troubles.

Semi Famous
A former owner-operator accompanies Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion as a truck-driving writer.

Trucker of the Month
Independent lives and drives his dream.

National security issues

Write On
Classic styling myths / Too many lumping problems

Log Book
New engines / Overdrive on XM / Pete production boost

Dollars & Sense
Financing tips

Channel 19
A trucking career to count on / Vexed by Lexus / Quick sale

@ Your Computer
Spotting e-mail hoaxes

International 8600 / New oil line / Single-diode lamp

Fleet Focus
National Carriers / Con-Way / AAA Coooper / Sitton

Reader Rigs
Eye-catching rigs

Speak Out
on what you would tell four-wheelers

The Business Manual for Owner-Operators
Overdrive editors and ATBS present the industry’s best manual for prospective and committed owner-operators. You’ll find exceptional depth on many issues in the 2022 edition of Partners in Business.
Partners in Business Issue Cover