April 2002

Behind the Placard
Learning more about hazmat hauling can open your pockets to more money and your eyes to what’s in the tanker beside you.

Family Traditions
Scott McCurry, TCA’s Independent Contractor of the Year, dedicates his win to his father’s memory.

Buying Time
The new emissions standards taking effect Oct. 1 make truck buying more than ever a strategic decision. See what your choices are and the impact of the new engines on cost and fuel economy.

Numbers Game
Knowing how to read and understand your settlement will help you uncover secrets that might reduce your expenses.

Blessed are the Grease Makers
Lubricant manufacturers have products that can keep your truck on the road longer between grease jobs, but that bigger interval comes with risks.

Online load boards are bringing truckers more freight and more information about brokers and shippers.

Trucker of the Month
LTL driver leaves recklessness on the racetrack.

The American Trucking Army

Write On
Weak apology / Log book ticket

Log Book
Fewer engine choices? / Byrd at GATS / Hazmat to Nevada

Dollars & Sense
Reduce tire costs

Channel 19
Rogue trucker / Peddling Bud / Jimmy and a White

@ Your Computer
Pay your bills electronically

Medium-duty Freightliners / New Internationals / Metal polish

Fleet Focus
Central Maine / CFI / Merit

Reader Rigs
Gorgeous Trucks

Speak Out
on your strangest haul