January 2002

Power Play
Never have there been more options for running in-cab climate controls and appliances without idling. Generators, inverters and newer technology offer cost-effective ways to power up your cab while cranking down your idling time.

Dry Docks
Combine dwindling freight, cheaper fuel and low interest rates and what do you get? A mixed outlook for the new year. Check out the 2002 economic forecast for owner-operators.

Leg Rest
If you’re tired of pumping that clutch, consider automatic transmissions. They offer relief, along with better safety and fuel economy.

Trucker of the Month
Landstar driver credits success to a good wife and a special helper.

Saving for a spike

Write On
Defang those grills / Scanner dangers

Log Book
A plan for Mexican trucks / Freightliner CEO speaks / More toll increases

Dollars & Sense
Taking advantage of low interest rates

Channel 19
Contrasting calendars / Speed demons wanted

E-mail to go / Road atlas / Portable scales

Fleet Focus
Landstar / CFI / Sitton / Roadway / KLLM

Reader Rigs
Trucks to look at

Speak Out
on what you would be doing if you weren’t a trucker