It’s a dark and stormy night, but Tim isn’t worried about the weather until oncoming headlights illuminate an airborne mobile home. His dispatcher is not going to like it if his next call comes from the Land of Oz. Tims’s been on a lot of roads in his career, but he does not intend to drive down the yellow brick one.


1. Pull off the road, maneuvering to the lowest place you can find.

2. If the tornado is coming straight at you, get out and throw yourself in the nearest ditch.

3. Cover your head with your arms.

4. If you have more time, get to the nearest shelter. If you’re at a truck stop, the safest place will be an interior room without windows. A freezer is a great place to wait out the storm, provided you don’t get locked in.

5. Never try to outrun the tornado.

REMEMBER: Always listen to the weather channel, local radio or CB if you suspect tornado conditions. Tornadoes can form with very little notice.


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