Tim is driving through a torrential storm, unaware that the pounding rain washed out the road, part of the bridge and even the sign warning about flood dangers. He never sees it coming when his truck plunges into the raging river. As the weight of the engine pulls his truck head-first to the bottom, Tim knows he has to quickly escape or he will soon be sleeping with the fishies.


1. Keep your seatbelt buckled to help you survive the impact of the truck hitting the water. Then unbuckle.

2. Try to open your window before the truck is completely submerged; water will short out power windows. Otherwise, use any hard object to break the window and swim free.

3. If you can’t break the window, stay with the air pocket. As the truck sinks nose first, air may be pushed toward the rear of the roof.

4. As the truck fills with water, wait until it reaches the top of the door. At that point the pressure on the door will be equalized, allowing it to be opened easily.

5. Take a deep breath, open the door and swim to the surface.

REMEMBER: Panicking consumes more oxygen. If you’re unable to exit immediately through the window, focus on breathing steadily and planning your escape.

Source: division of Red Cross

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