Tim hears a blizzard is coming, but with rain falling, he knows the real trouble can start well before snow fills the air. The first sign that the wet pavement could actually be black ice comes when he doesn’t see any more spray from the tires of the truck in front of him. The other clue is the four-wheelers crumpled like tinfoil along the shoulder. Then he notices his truck veering slightly right, even though he’s been steering slightly left.


1. Turn on your flashers and blow your air horn.

2. Stop accelerating.

3. Don’t brake, downshift or use your emergency brakes.

4. Gently steer around obstacles and attempt to maintain control.

5. Pull off the road and put chains on.

REMEMBER: Black ice can sneak up on the most safety-conscious driver. Always be on the lookout when low temperatures combine with precipitation, especially when there has been a recent thaw.

Source: John Sallak, director of safety and training for Oregon Trucking Association

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