#7 – Gordon and Janie Levering – Gone With The Wind – 1998 Western Star Constellation

When this truck was on the truck beauty show circuit, it had a 150-inch ICT Sundowner sleeper decorated in Victorian style with modern innovations, including an RV-sized fridge with separate freezer, a microwave, and a 50-gallon built-in water tank. Other home-like amenities included a TV/VCR, stereo system, a 7-KW generator with two inverters, upper and lower double beds, double wardrobes, and a shower with a built-in toilet. The murals of Scarlet and Rhett on the outside were carried through to the inside theme, with Rhett and Scarlett Barbie dolls and a framed print of a Scarlett painting. The truck is still making its way through the truck beauty show circuit with a new owner: Rusty Wyrick. Wyrick, accompanied by his girlfriend Tina Lomax, remade the Gone with the Wind truck with New Orleans-themed murals and details. Its new name is French Quarters.

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