#10 – Harvey and Karen Zander – Icy Blu II – 2003 International 9900ix

Harvey Zander won the 2003 International 9900ix when he was chosen as the 2000 TCA Independent Contractor of the Year. The Zanders kept the icy theme that had won them so many awards on their original show truck – Icy Blu, a pale blue 1996 Freightliner Classic – but they chose elaborate murals showing all the Zander children in Minnesota winter scenes. Leased to Dart Transit in Eagan, Minn., the Zanders already have plenty work trying to keep the truck looking good while running across sand- and chloride-laden roads during the winter. They have the truck commercially washed about once a week, in an attempt to maintain a good appearance and limit corrosive damage. The effort isn’t easy or cheap, he says. But it is necessary.

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