Vote For Your Favorite Pride & Polish Winner!

Abundance of chrome. Lavish interior. Distinctive shade of paint. Stylish graphics. Gleaming engine. Well-developed theme.

Depending on the viewer, any one of those elements – or a combination of them – can make a show truck stand out. Or the deciding factor can be something that’s hard to put into words but takes your breath away. You know it when you see it. We’re asking you to name your favorite show truck from among these frequent winners from the first 15 years of Pride & Polish.

E-MAIL YOUR VOTE!!! Votes must be received by January 21! You can see the winner in the March edition of the magazine! Make sure you include the number of the truck in your e-mail. You must include your e-mail address, name and hometown for your vote to be considered! Only one vote for one truck, per person, is allowed. Take a few minutes and tell us why you think this truck is the best! Your comments might run in the magazine if this truck wins! You can also mail your vote to Laura Crackel, Overdrive, P.O. Box 3187, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406. You can also e-mail votes directly to [email protected].

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