November 30, 2005

This truck pulls a reefer for owner-operator Ron Francis Jr., who drives for R.G. Francis Transportation out of Omaha, Neb.

Partners in Business tip
When you lease a truck, you do not get to write off the depreciation each year. The lessor typically retains depreciation rights as owner of the equipment. However, you can write off the lease payments.

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The Great American Trucking Show
August 24 – 26, 2006

The Mid-America Trucking Show
March 23 25, 2006

Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.
Hello Owner/Operators,

We are always looking for quality o/ops with good looking equipment to join our fleet & family. We have an exceptional average LOH of 1500 miles and a highly competitive rate per mile of .89 for solos and .98 cents per mile for teams plus our 100% escalating FSC to you! Click on us now and drive right on into our very defined lane structure.

Midwest Coast Transport
MCT is a 55 year old company that caters to the owner operator by offering avg length of hauls of 1300 miles, non-forced dispatch, solid pay/benefits packages, and so much more. Regional runs that get you home weekly, Pay starts at $.93/mile for loaded and empty miles!! If you want a career and not another job click HERE to partner with MCT.