Credit where credit’s due

At our headquarters here in Alabama, no more than a few minutes of outdoor activity at this time of year makes you feel hotter than an under-spec’d engine climbing Donner Pass. I can’t imagine surviving August without that fake winter air blowing through office, home and car.

I also can’t imagine doing without Overdrive’s editors and designers, and the American Society of Business Publication Editors has reminded me why. The organization recently handed out awards recognizing these professionals who produce a quality magazine month after month.

  • Best Editorial: Viewpoint.
  • Best Feature: “Fleets’ famine,” our cover story about the driver shortage.
  • Best How-To Article: “How to install an inverter.”
  • Best Regular Column, Staff-Written: Dollars & Sense.
  • Best Front Cover, Computer-Generated: “Riding your engine for a million miles.”

Sometimes I struggle to write an intelligent e-mail, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to interview the dozens of owner-operators and industry sources that go into each issue and present everything in a concise, readable form, with all the helpful charts and photos.

Skills like those aren’t developed overnight. Overdrive’s editors have many years of journalistic experience, much of that within trucking. Four hold commercial driver’s licenses, including Equipment Editor Andy Haraldson, a former trucker.

This is the kind of team that’s required to bring you the information you need to stay in business and to stay on top of a fast-changing industry. We’re proud to be the leader in providing it to you.
–Brad Holthaus, Publisher

The Business Manual for Owner-Operators
Overdrive editors and ATBS present the industry’s best manual for prospective and committed owner-operators. You’ll find exceptional depth on many issues in the Partners in Business book, updated annually.
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