Marketplace – March 2009

Routing software
Rand McNally’s RouteTools software allows professional drivers to plan routes on trucking-compatible roads, navigate using detailed route itineraries, integrate fueling stops and calculate mileage for billing and fuel tax reporting. RouteTools generates trips based on user-defined truck configuration and provides point-to-point mapping and routing for the United States, Mexico and Canada. The software describes nearly 6,000 truck stops.
RAND MCNALLY,, (800) 234-4069, CIRCLE 250

Wrench and sockets
Snap-on’s new 3/8″ Drive Impact Wrench (MG325) and Flank Drive impact swivel sockets feature one-piece housing construction that means components are aligned with precision accuracy, which provides longer tool life. The MG325 has a twin hammer impact mechanism and a reverse bias motor. The Flank Drive socket sets can swivel 30 degrees because of laser-welded pivot pins.
SNAPON,, (877) 762-7662, CIRCLE 251

Coolant filter
Penray’s NF2096 Need-Release Extended Service Coolant Filter for Mack and Volvo Engines is available for Mack MP7 and MP8, and Volvo D11, D13, and D16 engines. Designed to last 150,000 miles, or 15 months, the new NF2096 filter fixes coolant problems, diminishes concerns about top-off fluids, and repairs organic acid and extended life flaws. It eliminates the need to drain, flush and refill the system. It’s compatible with all conventional, extended life, OAT, NOAT, HOAT, GO-5, and automotive coolants, as well as with most coolants.
PENRAY,, (800) 322-2143, CIRCLE 252

Spring breaks and service chambers
Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems offers the Gold Seal and Life Seal spring brakes and service chambers with the welded clevis pushrod assembly specified by original equipment manufacturer. They come in both standard stroke and long stroke.
HALDEX,, (800) 643-2374, CIRCLE 255

Emergency tool
The 4-in-1 SafetyStick Emergency Tool & Flashlight can help after a breakdown or accident. The kit includes a multi-use strong-beamed flashlight, flashing red LED strobes to alert oncoming motorists to an emergency situation ahead and a seatbelt cutter sharp enough to slice through most seatbelts. It is designed with safety in mind and has a steel pointed hammer-like tip built to shatter glass easily for emergency exits. The SafetyStick has a magnetic bottom that can be attached to the side of a car or truck to alert oncoming traffic. The 4-in-1 SafetyStick sells for $18.95.
(414) 975-1155, CIRCLE 256

Rust protection
Actron’s Rustenz Rust Preventing Capsule is a portable corrosion-protection capsule built to reduce rust. The capsule is designed to protect tools, metal and electrical components by creating an invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable presence around objects within a 2-foot radius of the capsule. Developed using Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology, the Rustenz capsule emits corrosion-inhibiting molecules into an enclosure. This microscopic layer is a few molecules thick. The company says the product will not affect the electrical or mechanical properties or functionality of components.
ACTRON,, (800) 228-7667, CIRCLE 257

Partner Insights
Information to advance your business from industry suppliers

Flexible fairing
Windyne’s Flex horizontal telescoping feature allows the rear panels to accommodate the forward and rearward movement of trailer tandems. A vertical lift feature provides the greatest ground clearance and under-trailer access of any fairing available, the company says. The flexible bottom skirt features 12 inches of the Windyne FLEX fairing, allowing the fairing to travel within 4 inches of the road, still allowing the driver to go over driveway entrances, railroad crossings or curbs.
(360) 392-2844, CIRCLE 258

Reefer fan
Carrier Transicold’s X2 series trailer refrigeration units are coupled with the new V-Force fan and the new Stealth 2 option. Seven decibels quieter than the traditional condenser fan it replaces, the V-Force fan is a standard feature of all X2 series units. It is engineered with vortex-suppression tips that reduce re-circulating air pockets. For customers with noise-sensitive hauls, such as urban deliveries, the Stealth 2 noise abatement offers additional sound reduction with its tuned intake system.
CARRIER,, (860) 674-3000, CIRCLE 259

Step-down butt connectors
Del City’s new non-insulated and vinyl step-down butt connectors feature a consistent wall thickness through the entire length of the terminal, providing a long-lasting crimp. Each connector is color-coded with industry standard gauge marks. These connectors feature a viewing window. Translucent vinyl-insulated butt connectors are also available.
DEL CITY,, (800) 654-4757, CIRCLE 260

Hands-free kit for music, phone
The Parrot line of Mki premium hands-free Bluetooth wireless music kits allows drivers to make and take calls hands-free, while giving them the option to play their digital music files through the vehicle sound system. The Mki9100 and Mki9200 both have plugs for an iPod, iPhone, and iTouch, along with USB and traditional analog music devices. Controlled by a wireless remote, the user interface displays both cell phone contact lists and music playlists, and has voice recognition software makes all communication completely hands-free. The MKi systems are compatible with virtually all wireless devices and mobile phones, the company says.
(877) 9-PARROT, CIRCLE 261

Window tint
Drivers can now cool the interior and protect it from the sun’s rays with 3M’s new metal-free Crystalline Automotive Window Film. 3M’s window film is clear, blocks 99.9 percent of UV light, and its multi-layer nanotechnology reduces the typical problems with dropped cell phone calls and weak signals commonly caused by traditional metallic window films.
(209) 942-4777, CIRCLE 262

Inverter/charger makes 1,000 watts
Xantrex Technology’s Xantrex Freedom HW 1000 Inverter/Charger is designed for heavy-duty trucks and other vehicles. It runs without a gas-powered generator or idling an engine to operate appliances. The Xantrex Freedom HW 1000 weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) and provides 1,000 watts of AC power. It includes a microprocessor-controlled 55-amp charger and a detachable remote that can be mounted on the vehicle for easy operation. It meets UL458 standards.
(604) 422-8595, CIRCLE 263

Water spray injection kit
The MPG-MAX BoostCooler Diesel kit uses a new injection management controller that allows for a small, steady spray of water, or water and methanol, to be injected across the entire power curve, even at cruise. Two nozzles atomize the injected liquid by injecting it at over 200 psi and by swirling it and forcing it through a small opening. Windshield washer fluid, which contains about one-third methanol, is recommended in freezing weather. The company says the kit produces fuel economy improvements, reduced exhaust temperatures and a slight power increase without harming the diesel particulate filter or requiring more frequent oil changes.
SNOW PERFORMANCE,, (719) 633-3811, CIRCLE 264

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