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Postcards from the edge of trucking

This industry produces no shortage of funny, odd, outrageous and inflammatory news. If Overdrive’s monthly Channel 19 page isn’t enough for you, get a daily fix at the Channel 19 blog:

Specs, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll

Actually there’s no drugs and the only music is the harmonious lines of gorgeous 2009 model rigs. But you’ll find specs galore in Overdrive ‘s 2009 Spec Guide, accessible through

Welcome to the hood

A shop built nearly all of the stainless parts on this 1997 Freightliner Classic XL, including sculpted sunburst air filters and rear fenders. Then Phil Langevin slipped on an ’80s hood to cap off this rebuild. See for yourself on this video.

How the pros do it

Ever wonder how a custom shop
creates a certain look? E-mail your question and we’ll do our best to bring you the experts’ answers.

Oh, sweet!

Don’t settle for some boring Microsoft nature photo on your desktop. Check out the Wallpaper section for free downloads of some of the Pride & Polish calendar trucks.

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