All-position tires
The Goodyear G661 HSA is a regional all-position tire. The G661 HSA features a high scrub-resistant tread, with a multi-compound construction that helps extend tread life when used in local applications that require frequent turning, backing and braking. Four full-sized, super-tensile steel belts reinforce the tread for enhanced toughness. Penetration protectors help resist cuts and punctures, and sidewall protector ribs and a scrub-resistant sidewall compound help protect against abrasions from curbing. TredLock Technology, featuring interlocking microgrooves, helps stiffen and stabilize the tread.

Electrical and fastener kits
Del City offers a variety of preassembled electrical and fastener kits. Each piece is sorted in a small, lightweight plastic or metal compact case. The new line of kits offers eight different assortments that include O-ring, cotter-pin, stainless steel screws, heat shrink and multi-gauge terminal and battery kits. Each kit has a component chart attached to every cover. The company also offers wire, crimpers and heat guns to complement all new kit assortments.

Diesel particulate filter
Paccar Parts dealers offer the Engine Control Systems Purifilter, an aftermarket regenerating diesel particulate filter approved by the California Air Resources Board for Class 8 truck models. Each model has a silicon carbide filter and is available in five different inlet/outlet configurations, with either standard stamped flanges or optional machined flanges. The stainless steel modular design allows for 360-degree rotation of the muffler inlet and outlet sections. Available in several sizes, the smallest filter weighs about 75 pounds and is 10 inches wide (11 5/8-inch diameter at the mating flanges) and 38 inches long, including inlet and outlet tubes. The largest filter weighs about 125 pounds and is 13 inches wide (15 inches at the mating flanges) and 43 inches long.

Innerspring mattress
Kenworth Trucks offers the pocket innerspring mattress as standard on lower bunks in all new Kenworth Class 8 trucks equipped with sleepers. The innerspring mattresses have independent high-tensile wire coils in a cylindrical spring wrapped in high-density fabric, which is designed to minimize friction and noise and maximize wear. Each coil forms an individual pocket, which absorbs weight and does not distribute the load to other coils.

Tire pressure valve
Automotive Upgrade introduces Air Alert, a device that alerts drivers when their tires are getting low by flashing when pressure has dropped 4 psi from the original pressure. Air Alert is a small valve cap that replaces the standard tire valve cap and flashes brightly. The company says the product is competitive with similar devices on the market. A set of four caps costs $34.95 ($39.95 with anti-theft protection feature).

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Anti-siphon device
Paccar Parts recently introduced the Acrafit anti-siphon device designed to reduce fuel theft. The aftermarket part is installed in the neck of the fuel tank. Its one-piece construction, with openings no larger than a quarter inch, prevents thieves from reaching the diesel fuel with large-diameter siphon tubes. The entire line of anti-siphon products includes various sizes to fit all major original equipment maker fuel tank applications and has a 10-year unlimited mileage

Clean engine
Thermo King’s Tier IV truck unit engines, installed in all new Thermo King truck units, have tested well on particulate matter, NOx and carbon monoxide emissions, the company says. For customers who want to upgrade to the Tier IV engine-equipped truck unit, Thermo King offers a new-for-old exchange program, rather than a retrofit option.

Battery isolator
Cole Hersee’s new Smart Battery Isolator 48525 and 48530 connect to the auxiliary battery until the primary battery is charged to 13.2 V. A benefit of that reduction is lower strain on charging components. No diode efficiency losses occur when using the battery isolator, and it also allows bi-directional charging from alternator or from other power chargers/converters.

Storage unit
Snap-on’s new EPIQ tool storage unit features PowerTop, a rugged, stainless steel work surface with a raised edge to prevent small items from rolling. An integrated power source allows technicians to plug in diagnostic tools, laptop computers, cell phones, iPods or digital cameras.

Tire pressure monitoring system
The automatic Drop-and-Hook System comprises a digital monitor, a repeater and tire sensors. The monitor is mounted in the tractor and displays current pressures and alerts to the driver or can be integrated with other telematics products in the vehicle to report pressures and alerts to an office/remote management system. The repeater is installed directly onto a trailer and hooks into the trailer’s power (ABS) line.

Hybrid lights
Maxxima combines the stop/tail/turn function with the backup lamp in the Hybrid Series oval and round lights. Both lamps have 18 white and 9 red LEDs. The oval light is 8.2 inches long by 3.8 inches high; the round light has a diameter of 5.8 inches. By combining these applications, the Hybrid Series lamps cost less and require less space. Both models include a 5-year warranty.

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