Freebies from the e-Postman

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It rhymes with seminar
You probably haven’t participated in a webinar, but there’s nothing to it – and plenty to gain from it. Mark your calendar for 8 p.m., April 22, when Overdrive will present its first online seminar with Kevin Rutherford, our Dollars & Sense columnist and long-time presenter at Partners in Business seminars.

Rutherford, also host of “ATBS Trucking Business & Beyond” on Sirius XM Radio, will explain “How to Survive in a Difficult Market.” It will cover:

· Knowing your numbers
· Controlling your costs
· Doing what others won’t do
· Re-evaluating everything, including your lifestyle

Check to register and get more information on how to listen to the webinar and send questions to Rutherford.

Show me show news and show trucks

Last month’s Mid-America Trucking Show generated plenty of interest, including engine makers’ competing claims regarding 2010 technology. You can catch the best of the show from your computer:

· To read all the news in one place, go to, click on Trucking Headlines, and look for “Mid-America Show roundup.”
· There’s no shortage of luscious trucks from the Overdrive Pride & Polish event. See beauty shots of the winners at