How To: Install a Custom Seat

Tired of your old seat? Try one of the newer custom seats, such as the Bostrom Talladega Wide Ride, National’s Premium Leather Series, Isringhausen’s (ISRI) 6860, Knoedler’s Grand Chief, KAB’s 559 ACS, Recaro’s ERGO MT1 or the new Qualitex Maverick. They can put a virtual massage therapist at your fingertips by providing more combinations of heat and massage than you ever dreamed of. Prices for such seating comfort range from $1,000 to $2,000.

This installation shows how 4 State Trucks’ Chrome Shop Mafia did the seat swap in a 2007 Peterbilt 379, using one of the new Maverick seats from Texas-based Qualitex Seating & Manufacturing. It lists for $792 bare and $1,069 with the adjustable arms and the InSeat Relaxor RoadComfort massage system. Installation takes about an hour, using the most basic of tools.


  1. Remove the four bolts attaching the stock seat to the air suspension’s base with a 1/2-in. socket. Once the seat is loose, disconnect the air lines and mark which line feeds the “up” side of the height control. Remove seat from cab.
  2. Move the new seat into the cab and reconnect air lines to the new height-adjustment switch and snap it into the side bracket before bolting seat to the base. The “up” line fitting is marked.
  3. Connect ground and power wires, which feed the Relaxor Massage motors in the seat, as indicated in the instruction manual. Plug in the Road Comfort seat massage control cord. Slip into the seat to enjoy a free massage.
  4. Qualitex’s Maverick seat sits well with a custom interior – and those who embrace its high-tech design out on the open road.
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