Harley-Davidson LoneStar limited edition
A limited edition sleeper-only Harley-Davidson LoneStar will begin production in June. The tractor features black paint with silver and orange striping; a grille inspired by both Harley-Davidson logo-type side graphics and the 1939 International D-series authentic Harley headlights; 7-in. chrome exhaust stacks with bologna cut tips; set-back fuel tanks; custom forged and machined 24.5-in. wheels with Harley-Davidson bar and shield center caps; and a deep sunshade and aluminum battery box, both with Harley-Davidson bar and shield logos.

Interior features inspired by the motorcycle include a bright finish shift lever with engraved limited production, engine-turned number plate on a custom shift handle that includes the owner’s name and a serial number; perforated leather upholstery with color-coordinated black-on-black stitching; Harley-Davidson fuel tank badges on front seat backs and rear couch bolster; and an instrument cluster featuring hooded gauges with turned aluminum faces and an engine-turned argent-colored housing background for the cluster and secondary display.

High-mileage drive
Continental Tire North America’s newest over-the-highway long-haul drive tire, the HDL2 DL, features Continental’s deepest truck tire tread, at 32/32 in. The tire’s closed shoulder tread design provides traction in wet and dry conditions and resists irregular wear. An innovative lug angle provides traction throughout the life of the original tire, and a wider casing increases handling stability. The company’s patented groove technology is designed to reduce stone retention and casing penetrations. The HDL2 DL is offered in 11R22.5; 275/80R22.5; 11R24.5; and 285/75R24.5.

Ultra-long-lifeLED headlamp
Truck-Lite’s new 7-in. round LED headlamp, now available in 12-volt, is being marketed for heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial trucks. Each headlamp costs $350, but the company says each lamp offers as much as 50 times longer life than comparable incandescent lights. The headlamps feature solid-state circuit board assemblies designed to resist shocks and vibration, hard-coated polycarbonate lenses and die-cast anodized aluminum casing. The LED headlamps are built to replace standard 7-in. round headlights within 12-volt applications and meet or exceed U.S. Department of Transportation regulations regarding headlights, the company says.

Temp control line
Thermo King’s T-series of temperature control units for straight trucks provides improvements in fuel economy, performance and life cycle cost, the company says. The T-Series features a symbolic interface with SR-2 controller features and LED technology.

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Customers can choose between a reciprocating compressor or the new scroll compressor. Enhanced Whisper technology reduces noise, and all units feature a design intended to make access easier.

Hybrid reefer unit
The Vector 6500, a hybrid refrigerated trailer cooling unit, is designed for single-temperature reefer vans. The company says that the engine drives a 23-KW electric generator that has one moving part and no bearings. The compressor has no shaft seal, and the condenser and evaporator fans are driven by long-life brushless air-conditioning motors. For energy saving purposes, the unit has an electric standby option and is heated with electrical resistance strips. The engine can be started to charge the battery without running the compressor or evaporate fan. A direct-injection Kubota diesel powers the unit, which has variable operating rpm and the capacity to run on six, four or two cylinders. The engine is certified by the California Air Resources Board.

Flexible lightsheets
Grote’s new LightForm has LEDs in ultra-thin plastic strips for use inside and outside the truck. The product is a solid-state lighting device embedded in film less than 1 mm thick. LightForm can be bent, cut, twisted and rolled.

Synthetic axle lubricant
(FE) 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant is a factory-installed option on Freightliner Cascadia, Coronado, Columbia and Century Class trucks. The product is designed to resist oxidation at high temperatures and has seal conditioning base additives. The lubricant is also non-corrosive to copper.

Electrical and fastener kits
Del City offers a variety of preassembled electrical and fastener kits. Each piece is sorted in a small, lightweight plastic or metal compact case. The new line of kits offers eight different assortments that include O-ring, cotter-pin, stainless steel screws, heat shrink and multi-gauge terminal and battery kits. Each kit has a component chart attached to every cover. The company also offers wire, crimpers and heat guns to complement all new kit assortments.

Pneumatic booster system
The Bendix Pneumatic Booster System (PBS), is an air management system aimed at improving fuel economy and acceleration while reducing emissions. Placed near the air intake manifold on the engine, the PBS monitors the controller area network for signals to activate. The PBS then injects compressed air from an auxiliary air tank into the engine manifold, delivering the desired amount of air. The system is intended to overcome turbo lag, which leads to a delay in response when a driver presses the accelerator. Bendix says two models are available, reaching about 80 percent of engine applications from 4-liter displacement to 13 liters.

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