Wide-base and steer tires

Continental has three new tires: the HTL1 wide-base trailer tire (pictured), the HSR2 heavy steer regional and the HSU2 heavy steer urban tire. The HTL1, a wide-base trailer tire, replaces duals on highway or regional trailer axle fitments and features 13/32-inch tread depth, six-rib design and a decoupler rib. The tire comes in a 445/50R22.5 size.

The HSR2 tire has a four-rib design and introduces a new visual alignment indicator. The tire has 23/32 inches of tread depth and is available in 11R22.5, 275/80R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes for load ranges G and H, and 285/75R24.5 size for load range G.
The HSU2 heavy steer urban tire replaces the former HSU model, and has a wider 26/32-inch deep rib design. It comes in a 315/80R22.5 size.

Battery-powered air conditioner
Arctic Breeze Truck AC systems deliver 8000 BTU of cooling while using 45 Amps from 6 AGM glass mat truck batteries. The systems use 12-volt batteries without requiring power from the truck engine or from an auxiliary power unit. Each system is equipped with an integrated low voltage cut-out switch. Arctic Breeze is offered in both day and sleeper cabs and has U.S. EPA SmartWay approval.

Dry van trailer
The Armorplate II post and composite plate trailer features 101.5 inches of inside width. The trailer includes 13-gauge galvanized steel logistics posts and 0.305-in. thick pre-painted galvanized steel composite plates. The dry van has a post and plate design, a heavy-duty aluminum bottom rail, an exclusive inboard roof and a top rail. The Armorplate II can be custom-built to meet a variety of customer needs.

Ratchet/socket set
Snap-on’s new 10-piece 3/8-inch 210RAFM ratchet/socket set includes the 80-tooth low profile ratchet and nine 12-point low profile sockets, ranging in size from 8mm to 18mm. The 3/8-inch square drive on the ratchet works with standard 3/8-inch sockets, and low profile sockets work with standard 3/8-inch ratchets. The set is manufactured from forged, heat-treated alloy steel. Each piece is nickel/chrome plated and has a thin handle cross-section.

LED lights
CL Series LED lights emit an output of 240 to 400 lumens, depending on the model. Input voltages range from 9 to 29 volts DC. The 240 lumen-output model uses 4.3 watts, and the 400 lumen-output model uses 7.1 watts. An AC-DC converter power source (9-29 volts DC output) that allows use with batteries is available. CL Series LED lights feature high vibration, shock resistance, 0.5-in. profile waterproof housing and an operating temperature range of -40 to +60 C.

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Air-ride suspension
Ridewell’s RAR-260 trailer air-ride suspension is available in overslung
and underslung configurations for 25,000-lb. and 30,000-lb trailers. RAR-260 suspensions are manufactured with Securelok pivot nuts. The device features industry standard TennecoTM bushing, shock absorber mounting, a pivot bolt requiring 500 ft.-lb. torque and axle alignment adjustment capacity of about 0.25 inch at hanger. Mounting heights range from 14 to 18 inches for overslung and 5.5 to to 9 inches for underslung suspensions.

Motion-activated LED dome lamp
Grote’s new 12-volt version of its S100 LED WhiteLight surface-mount dome lamp has an infrared sensor calibrated to recognize bodily heat. It will turn on when it detects human motion within six feet and will stay on for three minutes after the last motion is detected. S100 LED lamps are made from UV-stabilized, moisture-resistant polycarbonate. The lamps are 0.6 inches wide and generate a 300-lumen output.

Memory foam mattresses’s American-made memory foam mattresses are designed to distribute body weight evenly and are built to sleeper-cab specifications.

Snap-on ratchet
Snap-on’s Dual 80 3/8-inch Drive 80 tooth flex head ratchet features 250 ft. lbs. of ultimate torque, seven teeth in contact with gear, low ratchet and socket height and a sealed head. Several options, such as bent flex-head, comfort grip, long handle and offset flex-head are available.

Slim white lamp
Two versions of the SlimWhite lamp have up to 500 lumens of light and a 50,000-hour LED service rating. The lamps are available in 8-inch and 48-inch lengths, are 1.25-inches wide and 0.75-inches thick.

Wiper blades
Made for medium to heavy-duty trucks, Rain-X heavy-duty windshield wiper blades are made with a synthetic squeegee and a galvanized steel frame. The wiper blades range in length from 13 to 24 inches.

Mounting units
Gamber-Johnson’s universal semi-truck vehicle system is made for mounting telematic units, laptops, scanners, printers or keyboards in cabs. It works with both standard seating and air-ride seats and can be installed in day cabs or sleeper cabs, in either auto or manual trucks. It is made of heavy-gauge, black powder-coated steel.

Air control filter
Power Fleet Need-Release Extended Life Cooling system filters are compatible with all conventional, extended-life, long-life, OAT, NOAT, HOAT, GO-5 and automotive coolants. For use with liquid cooling, the NF2999 filter has an eopoxy-coated interior and baked enamel exterior. The company says it is guaranteed for 1,500 hours and has been tested at 350