Kenworth, Peterbilt offer DPF cleaning with FSX Inc. machine

Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers now clean diesel particulate filters with the FSX Inc. cleaning machine.

The FSX machine cleaned filters 9 percent more effectively than others that PACCAR Parts tested, says Jeff Sass, general marketing manager for the Renton, Wash.-based company. Features of the machine include the TrapTester 7 air flow test bench that checks for ash build-up in filters and the TrapBlaster 7 air knife scanning technology, which directs air through high pressure jets to clean diesel particulate filter cells. Another component, the TrapBurner, can clean the filter to original equipment makers’ specifications.

The machine can clean filters from 5 inches to 36 inches high and from 6 inches to 21 inches in diameter. A standard cleaning takes from 20 to 60 minutes, while a thermal cleaning with the TrapBurner requires about 9 hours, PACCAR says.
For more details, contact a local Kenworth dealer or Peterbilt dealer  here.