States may collect UCR fees

Although states are now allowed to collect 2010 Unified Carrier Registration Program fees using the 2009 fee structure, few are expected to do it.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration submitted regulatory guidance to the Office of the Federal Register for publication March 2. The guidance announces that states may go ahead and collect 2010 UCR fees at the current fee structure.

Most state officials are expected to wait until FMCSA sets the 2010 fee structure, which is higher than 2009 fees. Once FMCSA makes 2010 fees official, states will be allowed to bill motor carriers and brokers for the balance.

The proposed fees awaiting FMCSA approval include $83 for one truck, $166 for two to five trucks, $497 for six to 20 trucks, $1,741 for 21 to 100 trucks and $8,373 for 101 to 1,000 trucks.

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