Daimler projects truck orders

With the trucking industry showing some early signs of recovery, Daimler Trucks North America executives said today, March 25, its customers are rewarding the company’s investment in fuel economy, higher payload and other improvements with enough new orders to fill its production schedule through the first half of 2010.

“We are also seeing customers expand their focus from the cost of the new 2010 emissions technology to the long-term value and payback of selective catalytic reduction,” said Mark Lampert, senior vice president-sales and marketing for DTNA. “And with fuel prices edging up, the return on SCR improves.”

DTNA and its Daimler Trucks parent cut back on capital expenses in 2009 to respond to a similarly dramatic collapse in revenues for the year, but it did so without cutting back on its investments in the future, said Andreas Renschler, head of the worldwide Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses organization. “We did not cut back on our product plan. In fact, we actually increased our investment in R&D.”

With the worst economic crisis in the post-war era coming to an end, “we’re launching the biggest product offensive in our history,” Renschler said. “Over the next four years, we will practically renew our entire product portfolio. In the next 24 months alone, we have 140 market rollouts of new vehicles and major components.”

Daimler’s adoption of SCR technology in North America is proving to be the right course, said Martin Daum, DTNA president and CEO. “The 2010 Cascadia in combination with the DD15 or DD13 engine and our BlueTec SCR system is consistently delivering up to 5 percent gains in fuel efficiency over our 2007 vehicle, and in some cases more.”

DTNA’s announcements on March 25 include development and availability of Virtual Technician, a new program of real-time system insights that will diagnose problems with specific trucks, schedule the truck for repair and promptly notify the driver of a convenient dealer or service repair facility.

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