Internet Truckstop launches ITEX load board

Updated Mar 8, 2011

Internet-based load board provider Internet Truckstop announced the launch of ITEX (Instant Messaging), designed to make it easier for customers to manage available freight and trucks by allowing instant access to business opportunities using a text message on the Internet Truckstop website.

“We developed ITEX using feedback we heard from our members who want to communicate faster, book freight faster and find available trucks more effectively,” says Leigh Foxall, director of freight matching. “ITEX adds a convenience and immediacy of sending and receiving text messages directly to individuals using the Internet Truckstop system, allowing them to negotiate without ever picking up a phone.”

ITEX is available now at no additional charge to Internet Truckstop members. Once logged in to with their unique handle/name, users can begin sending messages to other online users to discuss availability of trucks and freight. The handle/name allows the conversation directly between two users, and the electronic nature of the system allows a single user to have multiple conversations at one time.