Mobile communication system

Updated Mar 15, 2011

Rand McNally March 14 introduced enhancements to its TruckPC mobile communication system, a fully compliant electronic on-board recorder that automatically tracks and manages hours of service.

TruckPC now provides navigation enhanced behavior- and truck-monitoring systems, workflow, in-cab video training, 2-way communication, an improved back-end monitoring system and on-board scanning.

The new TruckPC upgrades include:
• Fully integrated navigation and truck tool features from Rand McNally: Truck-specific routing, points of interest, road construction, turn by turn directions and mileage calculation capabilities are fully integrated into the TruckPC. 

• Driver behavior monitoring: Enhanced warnings alert drivers to sharp curves, steep hills, speed limit changes, state boundaries, road construction, time zone changes and on/off duty changes. Over Speed Limit Indicator changes with the designated speed limit for the road segment. All of these events can be reported back and analyzed.

• Workflow: Step-by-step instructions customized for events such as pre-trip inspections, or customer service with location specific procedures.

• Performance Stability: Upgraded hardware with 1.6 GHz processor and solid-state hard drive eliminates moving parts.

• Mapping enhancements to FleetWatcher: The back-end monitoring and analysis tool now includes interactive satellite mapping.

Meanwhile, Rand McNally’s MileMaker and IntelliRoute have been upgraded with advanced routing capabilities and newly available data.

The latest enhancements include:

• 14,000 Mexican postal codes: The codes allow companies to calculate mileages and arrival times with much more specificity throughout North America.

• Multi-stop, dock-to-dock route optimization: This tool allows companies to import complex delivery schedules to optimize the routes, taking advantage of appropriate truck-specific roads. Multi-stop routing maximizes asset utilization and reduces cost per mile.

• Enhanced Spreadsheet Export: Managers can analyze lanes based on true lane costs – including highest-cost tolls – and export to a Microsoft Excel report, providing simple audit materials.