Rebates available on anti-idling equipment in STEP program

An ongoing electrification project still has funds to give rebates on anti-idling equipment for owner-operators of on medium- and heavy-duty trucks and fleets, executives with Shorepower Technologies and Eugene, Ore.-based nonprofit Cascade Sierra Solutions said of the so-called STEP program.

Of the $10 million total allotment, nearly three-fourths in rebates are still available for battery-powered HVAC systems, with smaller percentages available for diesel APUs, cold-plate systems and evaporation coolers. Rebates for trailer reefers have been fully allotted, but applications are being accepted on a waiting list, according to a written statement from the project’s sponsors.

“Those owners and operators who are interested in reducing idling but haven’t made the commitment yet should know it’s not too late to tap this financial resource,” said David Orton, Cascade Sierra Solutions’ marketing manager. About 50 stops on freight corridors have been or are being outfitted with electrical connections at parking spaces.

The program gives incentives of up to 20 percent of the installed price or to a maximum set based on equipment type. APUs or generator sets configured to operate on plug-in power are eligible for up to $2,000 in rebates each. For other equipment, the maximums are battery HVAC systems, $1,600; battery evaporation cooler systems, $700; thermal storage systems, $260; and truck cold plate systems, $3,200.

Participants must apply for the rebates and receive approval before having the equipment installed. Applications can be filled out online or on a paper form.

You can read the list of approved equipment and suppliers.

And, you can read more at Cascade Sierra Solutions.