New friends and a scenic drive

Updated Apr 2, 2012

I learned (re-learned) today that U.S. 395 in California is one of the most scenic roads in the country. Learned by driving it.

Diane and I woke up this morning at the TA truck stop in Sparks, Nev. Seeing poor freight prospects here, we have decided to deadhead to Los Angeles to wait for freight there. While having the whole weekend to complete this 460 mile, eight-hour trip, we left today because snow is predicted for Sunday along our route through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

It was a late start. We slept in and then went to a mall to get haircuts. Just as we were about to leave Reno, I called a fellow BCO team to catch up. These are people who joined Landstar Express America shortly after we did. Like us, they came from FedEx Custom Critical. After they came to Landstar, we got acquainted by phone but have not met personally, until today. It turned out that they were headed toward Reno and were only a half-hour out. We met them for a late lunch and then started our trip.

We have driven U.S. 395 from Reno to Los Angeles before and remember it as a scenic drive. But as time passes and we drive all over the country, one scenic drive blends into another in our minds. It was quite something to see this spectacular stretch of road again.

That was pretty much it today. We slept in, got haircuts, met friends, and spent the rest of the day happily rolling along, taking in the spectacular views as if for the first time. Being in no hurry, we stopped at the rest area near Independence, Calif. to spend the night.