Working the system to get out of Tulsa

Updated Apr 24, 2012

I learned today more about carriers and agents and brokers and freight and how it all works. Learned by working the system harder than usual.

Diane and I woke up this morning at a loading dock near Tulsa, Okla., where we delivered freight this morning. We arrived last night and the consignee allowed us to sleep there. The delivery went fine, which left us empty and available in Tulsa.

Still feeling the sting of our recent freight-less week, we had no intention of lingering in Tulsa, a known slow freight area. Once we got off the consignee’s property and found a place to park, Diane and I both set up our computers and phones to work the system hard.

We hit pay dirt in about an hour. There will be some deadhead to tomorrow’s pick up but it is a profitable run and it gets us out of Tulsa.

The bad news is, the run takes us back to California. We have seen enough of California in recent weeks and want to get back east. But Greater Los Angeles is a better place to be than Tulsa and this load keeps us moving.

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