One-stop load and skipping vacation for truck maintenance

Updated May 16, 2012

I learned today the contact information and location of the Volvo trucks dealer in Orlando, Florida. Learned by looking them up and making an appointment.

Diane and I finally got free today of the multi-stop load we picked up last week in California. The final delivery was in Florida, not far from the vacation house we have there. We would love to head straight there but are going to Orlando instead. The truck needs some work and we will give the Volvo dealer there a try.

Diane has been there before to pick up parts. I have yet to see this dealership. If would be nice if this place turns out to be one we can trust. Orlando is only an hour from our vacation house. It the shop is good, we can combine truck maintenance time with vacation time.

Before finding the small truck stop where we will spend the night, we stopped at the Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. It is a store we have visited before and enjoyed. It made sense to stop in since we were close, but coming off this multi-day run, we were not in a shopping mood.

There is a sense of relief every time we complete a run. That is especially true with this one. It feels great to park the truck with no freight on board and to be free to move around.

We’ll be in the shop first thing tomorrow morning and then at the house through the weekend. We had no plans or need to take such a break but it is hard to pass up when the freight takes you so close to home. (Our legal residence is in Minnesota. The Florida place is a vacation house.)

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