How Do You Feel About the United States Opening the Mexican Border to Trucks?

Garry Cagle
Baggett Transportation
Birmingham, Ala.

“I don’t like it. It would be taking jobs away from Americans, and we don’t have the same standards. They are hard on us about the equipment we run here, and the equipment down there is worn out. If they are going to open the border, it has to be fair.”

Donny Vaughn
Point to Point
Sunbright, Tenn.

“I’m all for it. It would make it easier to have open trade. It would eliminate the hiding and the illegal stuff that comes across the border. It would make them subject to the same laws we are. Lawmakers need to do the same thing that they did in the past with Canada and make everything uniform.”

Ron Shook
Cal Ark
Waynesville, NC

“If the trucks were safe, I think it would be fine, but I don’t think they are. Truckers in Mexico will work for Mexican wages, and that’s less than we make here. They need to make a provision for labor – if they work here, they get paid American wages.”

Troy Bonnette
Shreveport, La.

“If they would make their trucks meet our requirements and regulations, then it would be OK as far as safety goes. But my biggest concern is money. Border truckers work so much cheaper – how long until that affects our rates? They’re low enough already.”

Robert Williams
Werner Enterprises
New Orleans
“I think we have enough problems in the industry with high fuel prices and other things. Every time I read Truckers News, there is a story about politicians trying to make more regulations. Before they try to regulate the border, they need to experience what it feels like to drive a truck.”

Allen Huff
Tennessee Steel Haulers
Bonneau, S.C.

“I’m not for it. They didn’t open their country to us. Why should we do the same for them?”

Derrick Small
Savannah, Ga.

“It might affect our business, and that’s a concern. I know they make less than we do.”

Jay Knapp
Lovette Company
Grassy Creek, N.C.

“I can’t say I’m in favor of it. American jobs are at stake, and safety is a big issue.”

Jim Francis
Edgewater, Fla.

“I think we ought to keep the jobs in the States and leave things how they are.

Dave Kessler
Pottstown, Pa.

“They need to stay down there, and we need to stay here. Let’s keep things how they are, and while we’re at it, do the same thing with Canada.”

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Tony Hundley
Waynesboro, Miss.

“I don’t think it would hurt things. I think it would be kind of cool.”

Howard Friele
Boaty’s Produce
McDonough, Ga.

“I feel the trade agreement could be a good thing. Equipment licensing is not the same, and there is a lot to be desired when you compare their training to ours. Are their trucks and their training up to our standards? But aside from those things, I think it would be good to do business with Mexico, the same way that it’s been good to do business with Canada.”

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