Where Have You Been on the Road That You’d Like to Return for a Vacation?

Rudolph Rubalcava
Pasadena, Texas

I’d like to go back to Vermont. The EPA has pretty tough restrictions, so it’s clean everywhere. I wouldn’t mind vacationing there; I’d go up there when the leaves start changing in the fall, so I could see all the colors.

Charlie Baker
Phoenix, Ariz.

I know I wouldn’t go to Florida. I’d go to Seattle to see the rose festivals. I’d also like to take a vacation to Portland, Ore., because you can watch the Navy ships go in and out of the harbor.

Steve Powell
Millbrook, Ala.

I always go back to Oklahoma on vacations. It’s where I’m from originally, so I go back to visit my family.

Michael Doctor

I like Myrtle Beach, S.C. There are beautiful beaches, lots of water and amusement parks. It’s just a fun place.

Elmo Spiers
Crossroads, Miss.

Montana and Wyoming. It’s pretty country out there, and there’s so much space. It’s unspoiled.

W.D. Edwards
Arnold Transportation
Chattanooga, Tenn.

I’d go to Florida or California. I need somewhere that stays warm all the time.

Sean Chance
Augusta, Ga.

I’d go to Utah for the scenery. I don’t care to live in the mountains, but I sure like to look at them.

Clinton Hardawy
Newnan, Ga.

New Orleans is where I’d go. I like the atmosphere down there. You can have a lot of fun.

John O’Rourke
New Era Cab Co.
Buffalo, N.Y.

Mobile, Ala. I just came from there, and it’s just a pretty little city with lots of friendly folks.

Derrick Lewis
Montgomery, Ala.

I’d take my family to Tampa, Fla., because it’s sunny and pretty. I just left New York, and it was snowing and nasty. I’m a Southern boy, and I need to be warm.

Kevin Davis
Howard Transportation, Pleasant Hill, N.C.

I just started out, so I haven’t really gotten to see a lot of places yet. I’ve been in the East Coast mostly. Florida’s the only place I’d want to go back.

Mark Berry
Shreveport, La.

Jacksonville, Fla. There are nice beaches there, and I’d like to take my wife and kids. This woman right here is the reason I want to go to Florida.

Tyce Cormier
Werner, Phoenix, Ariz.

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I think I’d like to go to Nashville, Tenn., for the Grand Ole Opry.

Lucky Fuller
Celadon, Lubbock, Texas

Ontario, Canada. It’s a pretty place, and my family’s never been there. They’d probably like to go just to get out of Texas for a while.

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