What Does the Fourth of July Mean to You?

Bob McWilliams

Davenport, Iowa
It is the patriotic day. What can you say other than that? It is a day to remember service men that have given their lives over the years.

Tom Holman
JB Hunt

Weatherford, Texas
Just another work day. That’s the way trucking is. I have to work every holiday but Christmas. It’s also big firecracker day and a good day to be home and in the pool.

Terry Wilson
SAIA Motor Freight

Dora, Ala.
Good day to be off and to be thankful for all the freedoms I enjoy.

Bill Holland

Millport, Ala.
Freedom. I’m a veteran who spent five years in Germany.

Gus Montengro
Enterprise Transportation

Humble, Texas
Independence. It’s what the United States stands for. It’s like trucking; you’re free to do whatever you want.

Gary Trombley

Columbus, Ga.
Patriotism. Independence. Freedom.

Golden Jones

Morristown, Tenn.
I used to be in the Navy. For kids, it’s fireworks, and for adults, it’s usually a day off.

Perry Roberson

Chesapeake, Va.
A day to spend with your family. If you are not at home, make the best of it wherever you are. There is a lot of traveling, so be careful on the road.

Justin Hill

Crawfordville, Ga.
Day to celebrate freedom.

Jacob Harris
Landstar Ranger

Perris, Calif.
Not really any different for me because I’m on the road almost every holiday making a living.

Andrew Sawyer
Crete Carriers

Madison, Ala.
It means a lot of things, our independence, for one. It is a day to recognize all the veterans – a day to celebrate. Please don’t drink and drive.

Gary Pauly

Cobbtown, Ga.
Freedom. Independence. It is a holiday. The main thing is freedom. I am in the Air Force Reserve, so I am committed to the military. I will go wherever they send me to keep our freedom.

Mark Best

Hattiesburg, Miss.
Spending time with family, picnicking, swimming, baseball and getting away from the truck.

Raul Galindo

Weslaco, Texas
Independence. Just another work day. I don’t get that day off.

Tom Browning
T&L Transportation

Kosse, Texas
Birth of our nation.

Pete Milligan
Heartland Express

St. Matthews, S.C.
Main thing is independence. I’m proud to be an American.

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