Add-on Lights

New add-on lights, for dress-up and additional safety, have been specifically designed for Transcraft trailers and can be installed by plugging into the existing wiring harness.

The rear bumper marker light kits do not require aftermarket alterations that can sometimes void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Each kit has an aluminum rear bumper filler plate, four red combination Grote SuperNova LED or incandescent marker lights, wire harness and adapter plug.

The kits are available for the rear bumper filler plates on flatbed and dropdeck 96-inch and 102-inch trailers.
Transcraft Corporation
(800) 950-2995

Improved Oil
Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40, provides superior control of sludge, piston deposits and oxidation, decreases ring and liner wear, increases soot handling capability, and helps extend oil drain intervals, the company says.

“Mobil Delvac 1300 Super’s new formulation works even harder to deliver stronger protection for our customers’ diesel engines, even in the most demanding on- and off-highway service,” says Michael Ragomo, Mobil commercial vehicle lubricants technical advisor.
(800) 662-4525

Platform Trailer
The R/S Road Star aluminum platform trailer is crafted by hand and designed to provide years of durable, dependable service to meet the rigorous needs of platform hauling.
R/S Truck Bodies Company
(330) 339-9710

Cell Phone Security Tether
Hammerhead Industries’ Gear Keeper cell phone tether allows easy use of your cell phone while preventing the phone from being lost or broken due to dropping it or having it knocked off your belt.

The Gear Keeper mounts to your belt, pants or purse next to the cell phone. The lanyard attaches to the cell phone’s case or the phone’s lanyard loop.

The product features a quick-connect system that allows the phone to be connected or disconnected from the retractor when necessary. It also has a 28-inch stainless steel cable and stainless steel hardware.
Hammerhead Industries
(888) 588-9981

Infinity Trailer
Fontaine’s Infinity platform trailer features stainless steel diagonal front corners that carry a lamp mounting. The trailer’s rear corners are also made of stainless steel to anchor the extruded aluminum side rails to the rear sill.

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The ALL NEW Rand Tablet
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Extruded aluminum crossmembers of 12-inch centers have a hidden web inside the rectangular tube to help support the load. This composite platform has a steel frame rated at 80,000 pounds distributed load.

The trailer’s mainframe depth is 25 inches and the 3/16-inch web has lightening holes throughout. The steel mainframe and aluminum cross sills carry a lifetime warranty.
(800) 821-6535

Deer Alert
The Hornet deer avoidance system is a small sonic generator that emits a powerful sonic wave in a forward direction to alert deer and other animals of your approaching vehicle within sufficient distance to avoid an accident. The system mounts on the front or underside of a vehicle, and is effective at any speed.
XP3 Corporation
(800) 475-3563

Multiple Hauler
The Switch Hitter multi-purpose trailer can transport automobiles, trucks and SUVs in one configuration, or reconfigured it can carry freight as a flat deck or “double flat deck.”

The Switch Hitter was designed to be a more profitable way to transport multiple types of freight in order to reduce the number of non-revenue-generating miles.
Switch Hitter
(888) 320-2923

The Business Manual for Owner-Operators
Overdrive editors and ATBS present the industry’s best manual for prospective and committed owner-operators. You’ll find exceptional depth on many issues in the Partners in Business book, updated annually.
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