Spiffing Up

Notice anything new? Truckers News has spiffed up a bit with an updated logo, fresh type, colored section dividers and an easier-to-read table of contents. After sporting the same basic design for several years, it was time for the magazine to get a new look, says Truckers News art director Richard Street. “It’s more like a makeover than a total redesign. It needed a little streamlining.”

The new look makes a splash on this month’s cover. Bruce Smith, a trucker hauling a 30-foot wooden boat, is photographed next to his Freightliner on the Alameda, Calif., waterfront.

The photo shows the trucker, truck and cargo, framed to capture the essence of the feature story inside. “A lot goes into choosing and designing the cover, and first impressions are most important,” Street says. The redesigned Truckers News logo is modern, and the articles are listed on the left with easy-to-read page numbers. “As a designer, it’s my job to not only make things look good but to also communicate with the readers,” says Street. “In order to meet that goal, we are using a more open typeface that is easier to read and not as cramped as the old one.” Street adds the new design is more sophisticated and consistent, but still fun. “There are the same great departments and columns you’ve always enjoyed, but now they have a fresh snap to them.”

Truckers News’ primary focus is still to spotlight the over-the-road trucker. That’s why we have teamed with the Truckload Carriers Association for the 13th annual Company Equipment Driver of the Year Contest. The goal is to honor individual drivers who exemplify the best of the industry. Five employee drivers are selected based on their safety record, work history and past awards.

Michael S. Walters, president and CEO of Arnold Transportation Services, Inc., in Jacksonville, Fla., believes in recognizing outstanding drivers who have achieved excellence in their careers. “Company equipment drivers are extremely important to the success of our industry. Having had a few drivers win this contest, I feel it is a great way to show our dedicated safe drivers that we appreciate their loyalty and hard work,” Walters says.

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Sept. 28 is the deadline for pre-application forms, which can be filled out online at www.truckload.org or www.etrucker.com. Winners will be announced at the TCA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, March 3-6, 2002.

Recognizing outstanding drivers not only boosts the image of truckers within the trucking community, it also gives the mainstream media a chance to publicize something other than truck accidents.