What Do You Look For in a Truckstop?

Larry Dixon
Swift Transportation
Natchez, Miss.

I make sure it’s good and clean. If it’s not clean, I don’t go in.

Lee Wood
Graham Trucking
Athens, Ga.

I like it to be clean and have nice people. It needs to have a good restaurant too. My favorite is the Petro in Shreveport, La.

Lloyd Henderson
Jacksonville, Fla.

Courtesy and good service are important. Some of the people are nasty to you.

Lawrence Estes
Lobar Trucking
Baton Rouge, La.

Trucker-friendly. These travel centers are starting to forget that it’s the trucker that supports them. They need to give it back to the truckers.

Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy
Charleston, S.C.

I like cleanliness. I have to go in and sit down and eat, and I like friendly people and courtesy.

Dan Davidson

A good lounge with good movies. Entertainment and clean washrooms are the two most important things to a trucker.

Vern Carpenter
Crete Carrier
New Castle, Ind.

Usually it’s the food. A lot of truckstops have lousy food. Also look for the services offered; right now I’m getting a tire fixed, so that’s important.

Edwin Mayo
Richton, Miss.

I like it to be clean and the people courteous. I like it to have good food too; I don’t want to eat old warmed, overcooked food.

Adrian Kerrington
Dart Transit

Depends on why I’m stopping. Sometimes the most important thing is fuel, sometimes food or restroom.

Ron Snyder

Ron Snyder
Hub City Environment

Cleanliness is everything. A lot of them are getting better because there are a lot of new truckstops and they are clean, but they don’t stay that way very long.

Lee Phillips
Decatur, Ga.

The main thing I look for is clean washrooms, good hospitality and good coffee – they have to have good coffee. I also look for a place with privacy where I can sleep without interruptions.

Joe Devine
Barnes & Barry
Millbrook, Ala.

Service. I want the people that run it to be nice and friendly.

Derrick Walker
Pensacola Auto Transport
Pensacola, Fla.

Cleanliness is the biggest thing. I hate to go to a place and take a shower and there is hair in the shower.

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