Front-axle Tire

Michelin’s latest tire for high-capacity front axles is the 365/80R20 XTE2. The tread pattern features massive shoulders for scrub resistance while the computer-aided design permits low noise and even stress distribution across the contact area. The tire’s cool-running casing of dual tread compounds allows for excellent retreadability.

Michelin Americas
Truck Tires

Dropdecks with Beavertail and Ramps

Jet Company’s new lighter weight composite and steel dropdecks that have a beavertail and ramps measure 53 feet by 102 inches. The composite dropdeck weighs a minimum 10,596 pounds and the all-steel trailer weighs a minimum 12,138 pounds. The trailers come with air ride, high-strength crossmembers, stake pockets on 24-inch centers with pipe spool, high-strength main beams, 6-inch side rail with 3/8-inch rub rail, two spring-assist ramps and a dump valve. The trailers can be customized with such features as different lengths, lower deck heights, lights, toolboxes and winches.

Jet Company
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Airtabs Aerodynamic Devices

Airtabs are wishbone-shaped aerodynamic devices designed to reduce drag and increase driving stability on flat-backed motor vehicles. They are ABS plastic vortex generators, and work like similar elements found on aircraft wings. The Airtabs delay airflow separation that causes random, unwanted turbulence, thereby reducing drag. Operators have reported that a tractor-trailer with Airtabs enjoys a much more stable ride and a 4 percent or greater increase in fuel economy.

Aeroserve Technologies
(800) 475-2155

EagleEye Obstacle Detector

The EagleEye obstacle detection system uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects within 10 feet of the side or rear of commercial vehicles, giving the driver an extra set of eyes to help avoid accidents. The dash-mounted driver alert module (shown) gives drivers an audible warning and a digital readout of the distance to an object. It allows for up to seven sensor locations around the vehicle and its patented heated sensors also prevent ice and snow buildup.

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Super Dolly Pad

The Super Dolly Pad provides a safe alternative to heavy wooden blocks that absorb grease and dirt and are difficult to store. They can be used as under-stabilizers on any jobsite, with bottle jacks and under hydraulic jacks. The product works in extreme heat and measures 15 by 17 inches, and 1 inch thick.

Super Dolly Pad
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Durango Western Boots

Durango Boot’s Comfort Core insole technology gives its boots a broken-in feeling from the start. The insole is a lightweight polyurethane insert that is built into the boot. The insert offers support and cushion in the key areas of impact on the foot, making the boots feel like athletic footwear. They are available in tan or brown Ranger leather and feature all-leather uppers, leather shaft lining, taped side seams, Durango Westerner oil-resistant work outsole, strider heel and No. 3 toe.

Durango Boot
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Extreme Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant

Zerex’s Extreme Extended Life antifreeze/coolant meets the Cummins CES 14603 spec in addition to the Caterpillar EC-1 spec for heavy-duty applications without the need for supplemental silicate additives at first fill. The product helps protect engines from liner pitting and corrosion, hard-water deposits, foam, solder bloom, rust, scale and other concerns which may adversely affect the cooling system.

(800) 255-3533

Fuel Management System

For heavy-duty diesel engines, the Webb 700 Series fuel management system is designed to extend fuel filter life and reduce fuel system maintenance. The fuel filter/water separator/fuel heater performs all three separate but related actions within a compact unit with a transparent housing.

(800) 728-9322

Wide Base Wheel

Alcoa’s wide base aluminum wheel works with low-profile long-haul tires on drive and trailer axles. Specs of the 22.5-by-14-inch wheel include a 10-hole, hub-piloted mount with a 285.75-millimeter bolt circle. In the wide base system, one wide wheel and tire replaces a set of dualable wheels and tires.

Alcoa Wheel Products
(800) 242-9898

Portable E-mail

The PocketMail Composer is a battery-powered, hand-held e-mail device that allows users to send and receive e-mail over almost any telephone without the need for a phone jack, cradle or cable. The Composer can also send faxes, and is compatible with landline, analog cellular and mobile phones.

(877) 362-4543

Trailer Unitized Hub System

The Hendrickson Unitized System hub combines SKF Lunar hub technology and Hendrickson’s patented neutral-toe axle and a newly designed journal spindle to provide fleets and owner-operators with cutting-edge, long-lasting running gear. Fleet managers and owner-operators can spec HUS and receive the advantages of the rugged, road-proven INTRAXX system for primaries or VANTRAXX for vans and slider applications with the cost-savings and performance of a unitized hub system. HUS hub units are factory-cleaned, sealed for life and come with state-of-the-art seals designed and fitted to prevent damage during hub installation on the spindle.

(866) RIDE-AIR

BAMnet Internet Access

BAMnet Travel is a per-minute Internet access service that provides access from hotel rooms, RV parks or almost anywhere else nationwide. The service allows users to access the Internet using a single dial-up number at a cost of 6.5 cents per minute, which can be charged to a credit card or billed back to a person’s home or business local phone bill. Aside from FCC-mandated pay phone surcharges, there are no additional costs associated with BAMnet Travel. The service benefits users who find that their local ISP is not readily available when they travel, especially DSL and cable modem users, who can’t bring their broadband access on the road.

BAMnet Corporation
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